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1st Step (Essential) About Us,Jerry Reiss,actuary,actuarial valuation,ERISA compliance,pension disputes
Actuarial Services, actuary,schedule B,estate planning Client Testimonials,retirement calculations,retirement benefit disputes,retirement help
Contact Us Jerry Reiss actuary,alimony increases,retirement valuations,survivor benefits Discrimination under Federal Law, Pension & Health actuary
Employment Law,damages expert,ERISA & contract benefit disputes,age, sex discrimination ERISA disputes,Contract Benefit Disputes
Family Law,Pension Actuary,income valuation,valuing survivor benefits,executive pay,double-dipping For Alimony,measuring income,lifestyle need,change of circumstances,modifying support
For Appellate Law,substantial change of circumstances,survivor benefit valuations,alimony increases For Elder Law,restructuring assets,negotiating insurance contract penalties,Medicaid solutions
For Employment Law,suing your employer,Title VII damages,ADEA damages,ADA damages,contract damages For ERISA,ERISA testimony,ERISA compliance,benefit rights,benefit disputes,ERISA rights and disputes
For Pension Valuations,post-retirement medical benefits,Health Benefit Valuations For QDRO'S,settlement agreement disputes,poorly drafted QDRO's,offsets,QDRO alternatives & disputes
For Trust Liquidation,Trust liquidation methodology,Trust liquidation assumptions,tracing payments Home Jerry Reiss,Actuary,alimony expert,pension expert,estate trust terminations
Lawyer Testimonials,Jerry Reiss,pension actuary,alimony calculations,high end divorce Legal Malpractice,legal malpractice damage reports
Liquidating Estate Trusts,calculating beneficiary interest,successor beneficiaries Open Letter
Pension Valuations,marital portion,accrued benefits calculations,valuation of survivor benefits Publication Links Jerry Reiss,Actuary,financial expert,elder law asset protection,ERISA expert
QDRO'S Jerry Reiss,QDRO disputes,benefit disputes,challenging QDRO's,refusal to honor QDRO Selected Newsletters,cramming down under Craft,tbe valuations,homestead valuations
Transmutation issues,tracing assets,commingled funds,child support calculations,commingled assets US v Craft,TBE valuation under Craft, Craft Valuation,Valuation of Homestead