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Lawyer Testimonials
Below are the recommendations filed with Best Lawyers in America Website.  To the left find recommendations for each individual area of law.  Click on that tab to see the attorney recommendations applicable to that area of law. 
 Best Lawyers® Recommendation

"I used Jerry Reiss, an actuary, not too long ago, and his report and deposition testimony in a sex discrimination in denial of promotion/discharge case was very helpful in enabling me to secure a very good settlement. My female plaintiff was a rather highly paid individual, and Jerry was able to formulate some original and quite impressive theories which translated into expert testimony. One caveat is that we did not get to test his innovative theories in court because the case was settled, but I thought they would fly and I guess the defense did, too. Jerry has an impressive resume re cases in which he has testified and credentials."


 Jesse Hogg
Coral Gables, FL



Best Lawyers® Recommendation


"I have known Jerry Reiss, a well-recognized actuary and forensic expert witness, for over 15 years. I know him very well and have co-authored with him two articles appearing in the Florida Bar Journal, July 1998 and August 2006. Also, I co-authored with him an article for a national publication, Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Winter Edition 1998. Additionally, I have worked with Jerry on several Briefs and have used him in matrimonial cases as an expert witness. Jerry Reiss has an impressive resume and courtroom talent. He has a unique writing talent and has helped many Florida practitioners in briefing complicated legal issues in our appellate Courts. I unhesitatingly recommend him to you as one of the outstanding Florida family law expert witnesses."


Michael R. Walsh
Michael R. Walsh
Orlando, FL


Below is a partial transcript of the ruling in the high profile case of Carollo.  Judge Henry Harnage of the 11th Judicial Circuit issued the ruling on June 7, 2002.  Joe Carollo was the Mayor of Miami for six years.
 1     And I'm finding that, pursuant to
 2   the Sections 90.704 and 702, that the
 3   facts or data are of the type
 4   reasonably relied upon - those of
 5   course, being what Mr. Reiss
 6   utilized to support his opinion - and
 7   that it is appropriate that I have
 8   allowed his opinion to be before me. 
 9       Another way of saying this is I
10   needed the assistance.  It's very,
11   very technical, and Mr. Reiss was one
12   of the persons who allowed me to
13   appreciate this very difficult case. 
14       And I actually then was presented
15   with the suggestions from both
16   attorneys about whether I should. 
17   And, of course, then the United States
18   Supreme Court decision in Sperry
19   versus Florida, Florida Bar, in 1963,
20   and then also Florida Supreme Court
21   opinion, 571 So.2d 430, in 1990, the
22   Florida Bar, again regarding an
23   advisory opinion of a nonlawyer,
24   presentation of pension plan
25   information, essentially. 
 1       And I have found that it is
 2   appropriate that I allowed that
 3   testimony and that evidence, and it
 4   certainly did help me as I tried to
 5   understand this very quickly evolving
 6   area of the law which had just changed
 7   even the week before.
 8       I am giving this portion of the
 9   ruling first to you that has to do
10   with the finances of the parties.  And
11   as to the City of Miami's employee --
12   excuse me -- Elected Officer
13   Retirement Trust, I have found that,
14   pursuant to Section 61.075 and 61.076,
15   that the pension is a marital asset. 
16       And I based this starting from the
17   Chapter 112, and the legislature said
18   that the municipalities are able to
19   establish a retirement system, and
20   that the City of Miami did so in the
21   earlier '90's after that statute. 
22       I have looked at the ordinances. 
23   I've looked at the background
24   information that's contained on the
25   memorandum.  And this, of course, is
 1   in evidence; I know everybody was
 2   talking about cows and horses and
 3   ducks and quacking, and this, that and
 4   the other, but I'm finding that it
 5   says retirement and it is retirement;
 6   because of the title and the
 7   definitions, as well as those other
 8   items that I just referenced, the
 9   memoranda, in which it's very clear
10   that it is to be retirement.
11       Now, what's the impact of this? 
12   And by the way, I should also say
13   that, as I made this determination,
14   and I listened to the experts that
15   were presented to me, Mr. Reiss was,
16   frankly, a vastly superior expert who
17   gave me an extraordinary amount of
18   information and appreciation of this
19   very difficult subject matter area.  
20       And as Mr. Marks indicated, some
21   of this -- actually, there's
22   practically no law on this yet in the
23   state of Florida.  And Mr. Reiss was
24   quite able to respond, and then were
25   some instances even when Mr. Stamen
 1   needed to defer to the expertise of
 2   Mr. Reiss.  So I am accepting
 3   Mr. Reiss' opinions. 
 4       By the way, this is an extremely
 5   rare case.  It's very unique, and I
 6   have to take that into account as I
 7   calculate the value of this, as I've
 8   already indicated, accepting the
 9   opinion; that also encompasses that
10   the primary factor for the high number
11   of dollars -- the high number of
12   dollars in this retirement pension
13   comes from the increase that took
14   place in 1999, which was a time period
15   during the marriage; and I'm not
16   finding that the nonvesting part
17   before is determinative. 
18       I accept the concept - as Mr.
19   Reiss opined - that the premarital and
20   then the post-separation period must
21   be separated out, which he did so in
22   his letter, with the -- as of May 1 of
23   2002; and this will, of course, will
24   have to be adjusted, the other