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Best Lawyers® Recommendation
I used Jerry Reiss, an actuary, not too long ago, and his report and deposition testimony in a sex discrimination in denial of promotion/discharge case was very helpful in enabling me to secure a very good settlement.  My female plaintiff was a highly paid individual, and Jerry was able to formulate some original and quite impressive theories which translated into expert testimony.  One caveat is we did not get to test his innovative theories in court because the case was settled, but I thought they would fly and I guess the defense did too.  Jerry has an impressive resume re cases in which he has testified and credentials. 
Jesse Hogg
Coral Gables, FL
William A Carew
Attorney at Law
333 So. Cascade Ave.
Colordao Springs, Colorado 80903
(719) 475- 7529   FAX (719) 475-7574
September 9, 1998 
To Whom It May Concern: 
This letter is written as an endorsement and recommendation of the professional Services of Jerry Reiss, P.O. Box 150188, Altamonte Springs, FL  (407) 869-7004.
Mr. Reiss, a professional actuary, has great command of the pension law and ERISA, as well as federal and state case law that governs these retirement plans and welfare issues.  As a result, he is uniquely qualified to provide pension plan valuation testimony and QDRO drafting services to family law attorneys and, accordingly, he is rightfully recognized as a leader throughout the United States in the family law area.
But that expertise is by no means limited to family law.  I personally employed his services to value the economic loss resulting from wrongful termination of a management employee of a major corporation.  I found that valuation and his accompanying analysis to be thorough and persuasive, and the overall product to equal the qualility of work that earned him the excellent reputation in the area of family law.
I recommend him highly to any attorney that needs help with a pension or welfare plan.  This could include a valuation issue, testimony support, ERISA compliance issues, QDRO drafting, or just the valuing of a loss for purposes of litigation. 
Over the past two years that I have come to know him, I can vouch that he is smart, articulate and, as an additional plus, gets the work done on time.  To attorneys that believe that economists best value economic losses in areas of litigation support, I would urge such attorneys consider employing an actuary in the future, such as Mr. Reiss.
I stand ready to discuss Mr. Reiss' very fine work product at any time.
Sincerely Yours,
Bill Carew
Werner & Hough
Attorneys at Law
301 South Weber Street
Colorodo Springs, CO 80903
(719) 473-4883
(719) 473-5993 (Fax)
To: Jerry Reiss
From: Steven M. Werner
Re:  Pauline {XXXX} Litigation
Dear Jerry:  
The results of the trial, completed yesterday afternoon are:  The Defendands were found to have defamed (our client) and committed the tort of willful infliction of mental and emotional distress upon her.  Damages awarded:  $600,000 + interest of 8% from the date of the offensive conduct + court costs.
Many thanks.  Your testimony was extremely helpful, professional and instrumental in the favorable result.  Hope to work with you again in the future.