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30, 2006
To Whom It May Concern: 
I recently retained Mr. Jerry Reiss, an enrolled actuary, as an expert witness in a divorce case.  Although Mr. Reiss had a short amount of time to get up to speed on the case, he provided excellent consultation on issues related to the valuation of a federal pension and the appropriate amount of alimony.  Mr. Reiss is a very knowledgeable expert on retirement and pension issues and, especially critical, he is acutely aware of the lawyer's challenges in advocacy.  He has an incredible handle on the case law and he can analyze the facts of a divorce case in a clear, concise fashion.  I strongly recommend Mr. Reiss to any family law attorney involved in these types of issues.
Suzanne Fannon Summerlin
Subj: Richardson Appeal
Date: 5/19/05 3:51:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: JerryReissASA

This email is to thank you for your assistance in writing the Initial and Reply Briefs in the Richardson case, 900 So.2d. 656 (Fla 2nd DCA, 2005) Your expertise and insight regarding equitable division of retirement benefits proved invaluable. The client prevailed on all issues raised in the Appeal. Your knowledge of the case law and understanding of retirement benefit issues were the reason for this success. As I advised the trial court issues regarding QDROs and proper division of retirement benefits are extremely complex and often beyond the understanding of the attorneys and judges. Your efforts and commitment to this case are the reasons that we succeeded on the appeal. Had I been able to use your expertise at the trial level I am sure an appeal would not have been necessary. I might also add that your collaboration regarding life insurance as security for payment of alimony was of great value as well.

Once again, thank you for your assistance and best regards.

Thomas D. Casper

Subj: Testimonial
Date: 4/1/03 6:53:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
To:  Jerry Reiss ASA

During my twenty-
five years of practice in the field of marital and family law, I have experienced many changes in this area of practice with perhaps the most significant change being the need for competent and persuasive expert witnesses to address the various issues that confront the marital and family lawyer. As many of you already know, Jerry Reiss, ASA, is an extremely competent and persuasive expert witness for retirement plans. I have presented the testimony of Mr. Reiss in more than one case and did achieve a winning result in each of those cases. However, in addition to utilizing Mr. Reiss as an expert witness in the retirement area, I have found Mr. Reiss to be an invaluable resource in the analysis and legal interpretation of pension language, alimony and related language found in marital settlement agreements. In addition to Mr. Reiss serving as a sounding board for my legal interpretation and "theory of the case" for cases involving these issues, he has never failed to provide an enhancement to the final presentation of my case.




Subj: Cochran - testimonial
Date: 7/14/03 3:17:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time

To: JerryReissASA


WOW! What a great Memo Of Law you wrote for me. I explained the issue to you, sent the pleadings and transcripts and you created a masterpiece that defended our position perfectly with all case law and statutes to back it up. I could not have done the work and the amount of research you did for the small amount of money you charged. I definitely will use your services again if the need arises. Thanks again for a job well done.

Pamela Huddleston, Esq.
Melbourne, FL